Function90, Joomla Extension Developer, template assigner, profile management.

function90 is a dream for us. As world is moving fast for earning lots of money and settle down there self for compromised code. We just want love and blessings from thousand of people and off-course some money for survival of our family. So let us introduce ourself.

What is function90?

function90 is a software company which will provide you lots of softwares and solutions, which will solve your daily life problems. Some of them will be Open Source and free, and other will be paid as time travel. As if now we are starting with Joomla! Extension development. We have already developed some free plug-ins for very basic needs.

Who we are?

We are team of some Software Developers and UX Developers, working on Jooma! platform from past few years and fulfilling others dreams. Here we are fulfilling our dreams. We have very good experience in Joomla! development, which you will get to know soon. It just starting, so we have started in the technology which we know better. Soon we'll dive into other technologies.

What are we cooking?

What are we cooking in the lab, now? So let us introduce our first paid Joomla! extension. It will be called "F90 Profiler" and will be used for managing user profiles.

  • You can create some fields which will be displayed to your customers. Like text field, select box with some predefined options, file upload etc.
  • These fields can be grouped in some field group, that has access control according to Joomla! usergroups.

Stay tuned to get more updates. It is just a trailer, movie is yet to come :) :) :)


Edit screen for Fieldgroup Edit screen for FieldGroup of Joomla Profile Management Extension

Edit screen for FieldEdit screen for Fields of Joomla Profile Management Extension

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