Joomla User Profile Manager, Extension to customize and manage user profile, Open source profile software

Introducing Joom Profile

Joomla is a world of thousand’s of application but still missing the basic functionality of profile management. Every time when you think about getting user’s data and want to maintain there’s privacy and keep your site secure and spam free you need to install bunch of extension or heavy social networking component still they stuck you far away from satisfaction.

Here is the solution Joom Profile : A Minimal, Easy and Bugfree Joomla User Profile Manager.

It provides you what you wants from a profile management tool.

you can create custom fields, set validation for them, usergroup selection on the go, privacy control, searching according to fields(from stable) and super flexibility that you are not bind to use any process which does not allows you to make any changes in the system. Complete adjustability as per your flow and requirements.


Just a Joomla 3.x powered website.

What’s next

Now it is in beta state and we are going for its first stable release in few weeks, we are writing test cases for user interface and code but we want to indulge you in testing therefore we are releasing it as free till stable, for testing download Joomla Profile Manager We always appreciate your suggestion and idea for further development and your satisfaction, you can post them here

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