As already known Joom-Profile is a  that provides all the basic and advanced functionality like creating custom fields also it helps reducing spam count without using any third party extension

Spam Protection

“Garbage not allowed yet”
Joom-Profile able to reduce spam user registration on your Joomla site. It has built in facility that allow you to set password pattern or data pattern for any field.


“No more typo”
Joom-Profile validate user’s data on both client and server side also checks email pattern, password length, special character in password. Instant Username and email validation are also there, so user does not have to submit the form to check whether username/email already exists or not.

Easy User Search

“Easy Profile Searching”

Joom-Profile provides easy to functionality. The search module provides freedom to place search box any where on Joomla website.

Professional Theme

“Your site your design"
Although we provide awesome UI yet you can easily override template or you can develop your own themes.

Customized registration fields / Single step or Multi step registration

“Don't be bounded on other’s way Make your own” 
Yes you can se tup your steps of registration that ease your users to register your site with data you require or in what manner you require. Joomla registration has some predefined set of fields which you can not change or remove. But in Joom Profile, it totally depends on you, which fields to be displayed during registration. Only email field is required. So user can register at your site with only email, email + password, username + email + password or any combination of email, username, name, password.

Joomla Usergroups Integration

“Let your user decide who they are”  
If you have a site where you want to categorize your user, Joom Profile have inbuilt facility that user can select user group while registration.

Keyword Search

“Search user by any keyword"
Joom-Profile's keyword search provides you the ability to . You can specify the fields by which you will allow searching.

Joomla User Export

“User export is one click away"
Joom-Profile allows you to  format. Joomla native field as well as Joom-Profile fields can be exported.

Many More..

We are working on many more features and released Joomla Author Plugin, this plugin allows you to show the author profile link in Joomla article. The profile will be managed by Joom-Profile. When you enable this plugin, a link will be shown instead of author name and it will redirect to author's profile.


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