It has been quite a long since we talked about Joom Profile. Well, obviously we have been working on the features that must be present in a profile system which we were not able to provide in the earlier version. You guys demanded and here we are with the requested features. So now let me introduce you to the latest features that you will be enjoying in our upcoming release : Accessibility Control and Searchability.


Accessibility Control

With Joom Profile 1.1 admin can control accessibility of each profile field. Now admin can decide which field information is visible to user and different user groups can have different visible fields. Apart from this we have also added some gems which will surely delight you. Now admin can decide which field will be editable and which one not, so user can alter the value of editable fields only. Along with that admin can also select the fields which he wants to put in the registration process which leads to a complete profile system as per the wish of admin and under the control of admin. Last but not the least, admin can decide which field is required and which field is not, by the below grid screen. So now no need to add class “required” in field configuration.

Accessibility Control Configuration



Now you have lots of profile fields, fields have user information and your site has thousands of user records so how to get the desired user result on the basis of information known?

Well we have tried our best to lessens your effort with this feature. Now admin can set up the fields on which searching can be applied and here you go....

Accessibility Control Configuration


Search Engine Friendly URLs

Recently router has been implemented in Joom Profile which will generate SEF urls for user profiles. You just need to create menu for it and rest of the things will be done automatically.


With these enhancements there are lots more to come and explore with Joom profile and we are eager to know what you guys do with it. Enjoy the latest stable release and stay tuned for future updates.

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