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Hello Friends..... This blog primarily serve as a closer look at Assign Usergroup Timely plugin which we have released recently. “Assign UserGroup Timely”, as the name itself represent its functionality it assigns Joomla! usergroups to user in a timely manner.

Feature : -

Automation Levels : Automation Level stands for the configuration rule of usergroup assignment. Like, Users who has UserGroupLevel1 should be assigned to UserGroupLevel2 after 7 days. In this way you can create unlimited number of Levels. Just make sure there should not be multiple levels with same source UserGroup.

Notification : Each time when any user is upgraded to next level, an email notification sent to configured email ids. You can decide the content, which will be sent in the email . Notification to User, this feature is already in our road-map.


AUT plugin is very useful in the scenario where you want to upgrade users’ access level after a span of time. Here we have listed some example of usage, but the possible scenarios are countless.

Usage :

LMS / Courses Website : It is very useful in case of LMS websites, where you do not want to give access to the whole thing and you want to upgrade them after some time duration. Like access to course one on Week 1. After week 1 (in week 2) users will have access to course2, and so on.

Q&A Website : At user gets upgrade as the point gained by him.her, increases and on behalf of these points his/her accessibility option is decided. Similar functionality can be added at your website, but with the difference that user will get more access with time instead of points.

Membership Website with degrade functionality : Once user is paid you give access to all or most the feature of your website. With help of AUT plugin, users’ access level can be degraded with time and to gain the access back user need to pay again and the same process follows again and again.

These are the few basic usage of AUT plugin. It is a unique plugin, with a very wide area of possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates, a lot more is yet to come.


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