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First of all a very happy and prosperous new year to all of you. Many of you might be thinking of What's new @ function90 with this new year. Well here we are living upto your expectations. With this new year we are adding some more gems to your web solutions.

We are glad to announce that we have added two more Joomla plugin, Registration Validation Pro, to take away your pain of handling spam registrations at your site and Content Filter Pro, to create content for specific to users.

Registration Validation Pro is enhanced version of our existing Registration validation plugin and Contet Filter Pro is enhanced version of our existing Content Filter plugin.

Registration Validation Pro

What is new in Pro version ?

Registration Validation plugin allows you to put basic validations on username, email and password field. Basic validation like checking existing email address,  valid email address, alphanumeric username etc. Apart from these validations, with Pro version you will be able to define your custom validations.

Possibilities with custom validations

With custom validations you can inject your own validation constraints. Like, allowing registrations for selected domain only, restricting registrations for some domains, matching passwords with exact length + containing numbers along with capital letter and special characters etc.

When it comes to validation constraints, possibilities are enormous. You can not limit this in one or two options. Thats why we feel that allowing admin to define his own rules is much needed enrichment in the registration process.

Registration Validation Pro

Content Filter Pro

Another plugin which we have added recently is Content Filter Pro. This plugin adds extra functionality over the existing Content Filter plugin. Now you can filter content not only according to a specific usergroup but also specific to a user. All you need to do is mention the username or user-id to filter the content.

Content Filter Pro

Have a look at the documentation for further details about the functionalities of these plugins.

We would love to hear your words, please share your feedback with us.

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