We continuously strive to enhance our customers’ customer experience. JoomProfile 1.2 is another major step towards it. We have been asked for so many features after the release of JoomProfile 1.1 and we have tried our best to include your request in this release. And if your request is not in the list then don’t be disappointed, lots more features are yet to come. 


Front-end Profile Editing by Admin

In this release we have added Front-end profile editing feature which has become one of the essential ingredient of any profile system. Using this trait, now admin can configure usergroups who are allowed to edit the profile of any user from frontend. This plays a very important role when your profile system is utilizing some non-editable fields and you want admin or any other usergroup to have control over these.


Address and Date Picker Type Fields

Apart from profile editing, we are also adding some more fields in the knapsack. Address field and Date picker is the one you guys were waiting for. Now with JoomProfile 1.2, there is no need to add multiple text or textarea type fields to maintain address properly. Address type field allows you to keep all the data in a single field but with proper differentiation which will surely lessens your efforts. This does not ends here, using this field now you can allow your users to search by location and find their friends. This is just an example, there are many more other ways you can play around with this field.


Date picker type field is another one in the list. This field can enable easy way to select date and allows admin to decide the format in which date will be shown on front-end.


Search  Module

Another wonderful add-on from the knapsack of JoomProfile 1.2 is the search module. Now you can turn-on searching on any of the page you want. Admin can configure the searching fields for this module. This module will give your users a wonderful experience to search others. You can set the ordering in which the fields should be displayed in search module, though a drag and drop UI.


We always put efforts to let your customers have ah-hah moments whenever they experience your services using JoomProfile. Lets make it more fantastic day by day.  Your suggestions and words are the reasons behind JoomProfile. Please share your feedback with us.


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