Every one in Joomla world knows, how easy it is to setup a Joomla website and how well it works. But every web developer, website moderator and a small business owner who get started with any website quickly realize that spam registrations or false registrations are possibly the worst thing in the world. To overcome this obstacle here we have come up with Registration Validation Pro, which will reduce spam registration to almost zero on your website. Well, spam protection is primary task of this plugin, but it can do a lot more for you. Let me demonstrate some of its feature.

 Instant Validation

The biggest benefit of Registration Validation Pro is that it validates the input data instantly. By default in Joomla Registration, user came to know that whether he had filled wrong/invalid/already existing data after submitting the data. After that use needs to fill the data again and submit it. The process goes again and again until the registration is successful.

Registration Validation Pro, validates the data as soon as user fills the data and move to next field. It won’t allow user to submit the form until all values are correctly filled. 

Stop Unwanted Spam Registration

No-one wants that his website should have spam registration by any automatic script or by bots. You can stop these type of registrations by using this plugin. The possible way is to allow username and password in any particular format. Like username must contain at least one capital letter, one special character and one number. Registration will not be successful until and unless provided username is in the desired format, which is obviously difficult for bots to guess. The same or any other desired pattern can be applied for password also.

Stop Registration by Unwanted Username or Email

No one wants to allow other user to use “admin”, “moderator” or any other such kind of words as username. You can stop registration with such username. You can restrict users to select any other desired word also.
If you do not want to allow registration from any specific domain’s email , then it is also possible with Registration Validation Pro. Like do not allow registration from yahoo.com and gmail.com. Simmilarly reverse of above scenario is also possible, like allow registration only from domain of mycompany.com .

More Secured Username and Password

Usually user enters a very simple password which can be easily hacked. You as an admin can apply some security by improving user’s username and password. Admin can define any pattern in which username and password should be entered. Username and password will be more secured if your set pattern is more complex to guess. This will save your website users from their account being hacked.

In the above ways you can protect your Joomla website from automated false registration and give your website users a very user friendly experience. But still you can not stop manually spamming which does by real human. Still we have a way to do this, which will be described in upcoming blog. Please stay tuned for that and leave your comment regarding this blog and share if you have any other usage of Registration Validation Pro.


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