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Recently We had released Joom Profile 1.2 with wonderful features like Front-end Profile Editing by Admin, Address Field, Datepicker Type Fields and Search  Module etc. In continuation with the process of adding features, here we are with 2 more most awaited features of a Joomla User Profile Manager System. One is keyword search and another is User Export in CSV.


Keyword Search

The most important feature of any search process is “Search By any Keyword”. User usually try to search by some words, like :
If I want search for “John” then I would type “John”. After that If I want more specific results then I would add his sir name “John Doe”.
You can enable or disable Keyword Search any time from the configuration screen. In Keyword search, you can also configure whether the searching is granted in all the fields or only in allowed fields. Allowed fields means the fields which you have made available for searching according to Usergroups.


User Export

The most demanding feature is here. Now you will be able to export all users in CSV format. You can download CSV file which will contain all the users with all fields and values. Other than all Joom Profile fields, core Joomla Registration fields will also be exported i.e. Name, Username, Email, Block and Registration Date.


Download v1.2.2 Now


Enjoy this release with most anticipated features and share your experience with us.

We are continuously working on Joom Profile to add more important features. If you have any feature , which you want us to include in a Profile Manager Tool, then let us know by emailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave the comment below.

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