Hello Folks!!!

In continuation of improving your experience with profiling system, we have added many enhancements over the past couple of months in Joom-Profile to enrich your journey with it.


Searching has been very crucial for the user profiling and we are continuously working on it to serve better experience for you and your users. Recently we have introduced couple of changes in terms of configuring search for the frontend. Now you can select which field value should be considered for search results ordering by default and in which order, ascending or descending.

So it is in your hands to take decision which field should serve for the result ordering. Along with that you can also set how many records to load in a search request. By default 20 records will the fetch on each search request.


Another modification we have introduced in the searching is to let you decide whether user records should be listed on search page or not when no search criteria is selected. As you can see in the above image, there is a new configuration setting added for this named Show All Users. If you set this option to No then user records will not be displayed when you hit search page. User records will be listed when some search criteria is provided.  

Many users asked us to add more fields in Joom-Profile, out of many requested field types we have added two fields in the recent releases. Link and Display are newly introduced fields. With the use of Link field type you can let your users to provide any urls which will be rendered on their profiles. From the field configuration, you can set how these links should get open like on current tab or new one. 

Using Display field you can display any static information on to the front-end.


Joom-Profile is now empowered with BootStrap3 support. All the Joom-profile templates are converted into BootStrap3 scheme and these overrides are available at the Download page.

Try your hands on Joom-Profile and let us know your feedback to help us improve further. You can subscribe our newsletter to keep updated about all the new features and enhancements we are making in Joom-Profile. Enjoy Joom-Profiling till then. 

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