Any User's Profile is an important media to enhance communication and workflow across the Organization. The number of users directly correlates to revenue – whatever business you are in. Thus the Profile must be organized and discoverable. Good management of Users profiles can promote sales, drive new clients, contacts or prospects. Now, How to control & manage User Login and Registrations? How to provide the website members with best quality end user experience during Registrations and logins?

To Answer these questions one must know what is essential when you select a User Profile Manager. 

1.  Custom Fields

The most important feature of User Profile Management is that Admin has all power to customize the fields according to the website requirement. It helps the users to register or fill the profile at ease & without any hassle. The best is one with No preconfigured fields, which allows 100% customization to add any desired fields to any User.

You should be able to choose wide range of fields (text, textarea/editor, image, select (dropdown), radio, checkbox, email, date, number, phone, Google Maps, hidden, link, HTML delimiter, file, etc.).

2.   Flexibility

To scale your work one should not be bounded to a particular layout/format. There should be complete adjustability as per your workflow and requirements.

  • Easy Editable Avatar/Profile picture/Supporting Gravatars. (Gravatars enable users to use the same avatar across all socially-oriented sites they use, should they wish to.)
  • Manage an unlimited volume and variety of user data
  • Single/Multi page User Registrations
  • Customized Registration/login layout

3.   Security/ Privacy Control

You can empower your people by secure management of User profile.

  • It should support user personalization with Spam blocking & Invalid Registrations.
  • There should be data validation for each field.
  • There should be management of user roles by Providing access to desired User Groups.
  • There should be management of Permissions like Restricted access to certain user fields.

4.   Searching

Intelligent, streamlined and managed profiling should provide significant searching for all data, It will assist in saving time and effort while scaling reliability. User Search is a very important feature. A Good User Profile Management allows customised searching with desired fields and selected User groups. It should have the feature to export searched users list with all fields and values.

5.  Social Integration

User Profile Manager should allow you to login or link account with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • To provide seamless Web Experience
  • To gather more accurate data like verified email addresses
  • To provide good registration solution
  • To minimize site entry restriction
  • Controlled Access. 

So these are some expert views to create streamlined and managed user profile. 

Joom Profile , A Joomla Extension helps you in fulfilling all above features , it allows you to create custom fields, editable avatars, user search, manage user roles, multiple Profiles, Registration and much more.

Get Best Joomla User Profile Management Extension

Apart from these Do let us Know what other features you find essential to include in your user profile manager? Please share your tips in the comments!



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