Hello Folks,  

Presenting you another release of JoomProfile with some exciting features which can bring your Joomla profiling system to one level up. Let’s have a quick look at what you are going to get in JoomProfile 1.4.  

Different registration form for different Usergroup: This is one of the most demanding feature that many of our customer asked us to introduce in JoomProfile. Now you can create dedicated registration form for each joomla usergroup. You can have different menu item for each registration form. For more details refer to documentation.  

Show or Hide blank fields on profile : now admin can decide whether to display or hide fields with blank value when user views profile of any other user. One configuration is added for this in the extension.  

Search within Date range: Now you can have date range search option while working with datepicker type fields. It will definitely enhance experience of your customer while performing any search operation on such field.


With this release we are adding up many custom fields in the list, like 


Video field : with JoomProfile 1.4 you can create video type fields, and user can add either Youtube or Vimeo video link and JoomProfile will show it as embedded iframe. User can search by who has added the Video. We will integrate video type field with more video providers in upcoming time.

Divider : using divider field you can separate out content with horizontal spacer/separator.

Timezone : a Joomla Timezone field where user can select his timezone. The value selected by user will be stored with Joomla user details. 

Joomla Last Login Date : This field is connected with Joomla’s last login date of user. This is not editable but searchable. User can search for the user who logged in between the range of date selected by user.

Joomla Register Date : This field is similar to Joomla Last login date, but this works on registration date rather than login. You can easily search for the users who has registered within specific date range.

Joomla Language Fields: Joomla language fields allows you to create a field for Front-end language selection. It is linked with Joomla user manager’s Front-end Language.


Above all these new changes we have also added some fixes in the code and also introduced some more fields. You can refer the documentation to see all the available fields in the system.


Lets try out new version of JoomProfile and share your experience with us. 


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