Release 1.4.6 (Aug 10th, 2020)

Improve Improvements in Confirm Fields.


Release 1.4.5 (May 14th, 2020)

Feature Confirm Field is added.


Release 1.4.4 (July 28th, 2019)

Feature Sharing profile will populate user details on social networks.

Improve Editor field is searchable now.


Release 1.4.3 (Nov 8th, 2018)

Feature Joomla auto update feature added


Release 1.4.2 (March 16th, 2018)

Feature Custom field for Mailchimp List subscription added

Feature Custom field for AcyMailing List subscription added

Bugfix Empty checkox field values was not getting saved after saving some value.


Release 1.4.1 (Sep 29th, 2017)

Bugfix Bug fixed in editing user profile.


Release 1.4.0 Beta (Sep 20th, 2017)

Feature Different Registration From for different type of user

Feature Show/Hide blank field on users profile when someone else views profile.

Feature Custom fields for Video, Divider, Joomla Last Login Date, Joomla Register Date, Joomla Language and Timezone

Improve Search by date range picker in Datepicker type field.

Bugfix Bug fixed in Address type field.

Bugfix Fixes in Tooltip and Radio buttons in admin side.


Release 1.3.7 (June 11th, 2017)

Improve File type upload restriction is improved.

Improve Proximity search in miles is added.


Release 1.3.6 (May 22nd, 2017)

Improve Email / Username field can be linkable.

Bugfix Empty key in Google Map API in address field.

Bugfix Bug fix in user search by address.


Release 1.3.5 (April 26th, 2017)

Feature Email verification is added in Useremail type field.

Bugfix New line character will be replaced with BR tag in export value.

Bugfix Hidden field validation issue in registration is fixed.


Release 1.3.4 (March 29th, 2017)

Bugfix Date picker field issue in admin panel is fixed.


Release 1.3.3 (Feb 23rd, 2017)

Bugfix Issue fixed with RTL language mode.

Feature Added support for fields by plugin.


Release 1.3.2 (Oct 18th, 2016)

Bugfix Issue with registration when Default Captcha option is enabled in Global Configuration is fixed.


Release 1.3.1 (Oct 17th, 2016)

Bugfix Registration was not working on Firefox v49.

Bugfix Bug fixed in export of new lines in text.


Release 1.3.0 (June 15th, 2016)

Feature Mini Profile Display in search result.


Release 1.2.10 (May 13th, 2016)

Improve Will load Bootstrap only for JoomProfile.


Release 1.2.9 (February 2nd, 2016)

Improve Configuration for showing all users or not in search result.

Bugfix Few fixes in BootStrap3 override.


Release 1.2.8 (January 29th, 2016)

Feature Link type field is added.

Feature Display Type field is added.

Feature Bootstrap 3 template override is available at Downloadpage.

Improve Configuration for default order by field is added.

Improve Configuration for default order by ASC/DESC field is added.

Improve Star (*) will be displayed for required fields.


Release 1.2.7 (January 9th, 2016)

Bugfix Tooltip issue is fixed.


Release 1.2.6 (January 6th, 2016)

Bugfix Corrected language translation issue in Usergroup selection validation.

Bugfix Edit issue in Editor Field is fixed.


Release 1.2.5 (August 3rd, 2015)

Feature ReCaptcha field is added to control Spam.


Release 1.2.4 (July 29th, 2015)

Bugfix Next/Finish button in reegistration process will disable once clicked.

Bugfix Fixes in Editor type filed.

Bugfix Some warning issue fixed in code.


Release 1.2.3 (May 13th, 2015)

Bugfix Options of Radio, Checkbox and Select box will be ordered according to title.

Bugfix Invalid Password issue is fixed.

Bugfix Bug fixed in retaining data in session in registration process, is fixed.


Release 1.2.2 (April 15th, 2015)

Feature Keyword Search is implemented.

Feature User Export is available in admin panel.


Release 1.2.1 (March 11th, 2015)

Improve Vertical scroll will be displayed in search accordian in number of options are large.

Improve Now only enabled user will be displayed in search result.

Bugfix Bug fixed in router while parsing url, "-" is replaced with ":" .

Bugfix Bug fixed of displaying un-published field is fixed.

Bugfix Bug fixed in Searching.


Release 1.2.0 (Feb 25th, 2015)

Feature Address type field is added with proximity search.

Feature Date Picker field is add to select date from calendar.

Feature Selected usergroups' users can edit profile of others from front-end.

Feature A search module is added to display searchable fields wherever you want.


Release 1.1.10 (March 11th, 2015)

Improve Vertical scroll will be displayed in search accordian in number of options are large.

Improve Now only enabled user will be displayed in search result.

Bugfix Bug fixed in router while parsing url, "-" is replaced with ":" .

Bugfix Bug fixed of displaying un-published field is fixed.


Release 1.1.9 (Jan 31st, 2015)

Bugfix Bug fixed in registration process.


Release 1.1.8 (Jan 6th, 2015)

Improve Two API call is added to get fields and fieldgroups.


Release 1.1.7 (Dec 26th, 2014)

Bugfix Bug fixed in loading plugins while triggering event.


Release 1.1.6 (Dec 15th, 2014)

Feature Privacy in search result. You can set which usergrooup's users should be displayed to which usergroup's users in search result.

Improve Basic API to get instance of user, usergroup, field and fieldgroup are added.

Improve Event trigger before and after saving user `onJoomprofileUserBeforeSave` and `onJoomprofileUserAfterSave`


Release 1.1.5 (Dec 1st, 2014)

BugfixTextarea supports new line.


Release 1.1.4 (Oct 11th, 2014)

Bugfix JavaScript Validation is fixed.


Release 1.1.3 (Oct 9th, 2014)

Feature Terms of Service field added.

Improve JavaScript language translation is now available.

Bugfix Spinner issue for ajax request is fixed.


Release 1.1.2 (Sep 9th, 2014)

Feature Display or hide a fieldgroup at registration time.

Feature Joomla Registration plugin for redirecting user to Joom Profile registration.

Bugfix Html tags will be stripped from user input values.


Release 1.1.1 (Aug 28th, 2014)

Feature Router has been implemented.

Improve Usergroup will be displayed with field group, on admin field grid screen

Bugfix sorting issue in searching and filtering.


Release 1.1.0 (Aug 14th, 2014)

Feature Searching and filtering users.

Feature Accessibility control on each field : Required, Visible and Editable.

Bugfix Strict standard issues.


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