Assign Usergroup Timely plugin allows your website to have power of upgrading users access level by changing their user-group in timely manner. Like initially user is registered at your website, he will be assigned to UserGroupA. Now you want that user should be upgraded to new user-group that is UserGroupB after 1 week (7 days). This is perfectly possible with this plugin. You can assign unlimited number of user-groups. Lets have some more detailed description of How it works?

1. Install

First step of using any extension for Joomla! is installation. Installing this plugin is very easy. You just need to download it and install it from your websites' Extension Manager. You must have active subscription to download this plugin from our website.

2. Configure

  • Mail To : This option allows you to enter email id(s), to which an email will be sent whenever usergroup (configured) is changed for any users. You can enter multiple email ids by separating them with comma(,).
  • Mail Subject : You can choose your own subject for email which will be sent above configured emails.
  • Mail Content : You can also decide the content of email to be sent. You have some tokens to use in content. The token will be replace with there actual value when it will be ready to send as email. There are following tokes to use.
    • {AUT_USER_USERNAME} : It will be replace with username of user, whose usergroup is getting changed.
    • {AUT_USER_NAME} : It will be replaced with name of user.
    • {AUT_USER_EMAIL} : This token can be used if you want to use email id of user in email body.
    • {AUT_FROM_USERGROUP} :  It will be replaced with the Usergroup Name from which user is getting removed.
    • {AUT_TO_USERGROUP} : This token will be replaced with Usergroup Name into which user is going to be added.

    Grid screen of fields

  • Cron Type : Cron Job is required for the automatic assignment  of usergroups. If you don't have option to use crontab on your server, then need not to worry we have solution for you.
    • Automatic : If you can't setup cron job on your server then select this option. We'll assign usergroups automatically without any issue.
    • Manual : If you have option to use crontab and know how to configure it, then need to trigger the url "" . You can select the frequency according to you choice.
  • Cron Time : If you have selected "automatic" in above option, then this setting will take effect. You can enter the time (in minutes) after which next cron should execute.It depends on number of user registration on your website.
  • Automation Levels : This is the most important part of this plugin. You need to configure automation levels. You can create unlimited number of levels. Each level has following parts.

    Grid screen of fields

    • Changes usergroup from : You need to selected usergroup from the options. This automation level will be applicable when user has this usergroup.
    • To Usergroup : Selected usergroup will be assigned to usergroup, if user has the above selected usergroup.
    • After : You need to enter number of days after which user will be removed from usergroup selected in Changes usergroup from and assigned to usergroups selected in To Usergroup option.
  • Save : In case if Joomla toolbar save button does not work, use this button.

3. Limitations

This plugin will not work correctly if any user have more than one usergroups, which has access levels.
Currently it will send email to configured email ids. User notification is in our near future roadmap.

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