Joom Profile has some accessibility option for each field and these  options are

  1. Registration : This setting allows you to display any field in registration process or not.
  2. Visible : Through this option you can hide the value of any field on any user, when his/her profile is being used by any other user.
  3. Editable : You can set, if any field is editable by the user or not. Off-course admin will alway be able to fill the detail in that field from admin panel.
  4. Required : If field is required to fill, then you can set this option to Yes. Otherwise put it off.

Above options can be used to configure how a field will be displayed. Let discuss the step to do this.

Accessibility Control Configuration

  1. Go to Joomla Administrator => components => Joom Profile => Fieldgroups.
  2. Edit the fieldgroup for which you want to configure accessibility of fields.
  3. Go to "Fields" tab, here all the field will be listed (added fields) and you can add more fields. After adding field, accessibility options are displayed against each field. You can opt the setting as you want.
  4. And its done. Go to front-end and check the result of respective configuration.


Note :  You can configure different accessibility for one field for different fieldgroup. Like field A can have different accessibility for fieldgroup A and fieldgroup B.


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