There are two options available for usergroup assignment to your site users. First, let your user choose the usergroup from the available usergroups at the time of registration and second, you can create different registration link for different usergroup and provide those link to your users, so upon registering from that link, associated usergroup will be assigned to user automatically.

For first option, configuration is as follows :

In JoomProfile >> Config :

  1. Set Usergroup Selection to Yes, so user will be able to select Usergroup at registration time.
  2. Set Multi Usergroup Selection to Yes, if you want user to have multiple Usergroups.
  3. In Allowed Usergroups, add Joomla Usergroups that will be available to user.
    Usergroup selection in JoomProfile Config
  4. On registration page, user will see usergroup selection option.
    Usergroup selection in JoomProfile Registration

In second option, you can create different registration link for each usergroup.

In Menus >> Main Menu :

  1. Create New menu link for JoomProfile.
  2. In Details tab, select Registration in Create menu for ?
  3. In Options tab, add UserGroup you want to assign to user, when registering with this link. You will be able to add only those usergroups that are Allowed Usergroups in JoomProfile >> Config.
  4. When using this option to assign usergroups, set Usergroup Selection to No in JoomProfile >> Config, since this option will automatically assign the associated usergroup to user on registration.
    Create menu item for registration
    Usergroup selection in registration menu



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