Joom Profile is a Joomla! extension which allows you to create some Fields, Fieldgroups, so that your users can fill them while registering at your site or after registration. Both the ways are available in Joom Profile. Currently its in Beta Version, so we have written a work-flow on how to set up Joom Profile. Its detailed documentation will be available soon.

1. Install

First step of using any extension for Joomla! is installation. Intsalling Joom Profile is very easy. You just need to download it and install it from your websites' Extension Manager. You have to register at our website.

2. Configure Fields

Now you should create some Fields which you want to use. These fields can be grouped in Fieldgroup. So its up to you, if you wanna create Fieldgroups first before creating fields, you can do so. We will create field first, in this work flow.

There is wide range of fields,. With some basic fields(text box, select list, checkbox etc.) we have some other fields also.

Allows your users to upload files.
This field ask for image, and the image thumbnail will be shown to user.
Can be used for Numeric type input. It can be used as text box and select box as well.
Asks for password from user. It can be used for Joomla! user password field and for your custom need.
This field ask for an email address from user. If an other user with this email, already exists then it shows error.
This field ask for username. If an other user with this username, already exists then it shows error.

Chose the field type and configure the parameters of fields. In this way you can create as many fields as you want. After creating not its time to group them in their respective groups.

Grid screen of fields

Edit screen of field

3. Create Fieldgroups

Go to Fieldgroup screen and click on New button. You have to fill some core details about it. Fill the details and click on save button.

  1. Title : Title of the fieldgroup. It is will be displayed to user.
  2. Description : Description of fieldgroup. This is for admin purpose only.
  3. Usergoroups : This fieldgroup will only be visible to those users only who belongs to any one selected Joomla! usergroups.

After saving the fieldgroup, you will have Field section in the right side of fieldgroup edit screen. There you can add, delete and re-order the fields.

  1. Select the proper field and click on Add Filed button.
  2. List of added field will be refreshed instantly.

As the above way you can create as may fieldgroups as you want and add the fields in fieldgroup. You can apply restriction according to Joomla! usergroups.

Grid screen of fieldgroups

Edit screen of fieldgroup

4. Configuration

Here is the important part of the work-flow. It will decide how would you use Joom Profile.


  1. In case if you want to use Joom Profile for registration process also, then you need to create Username, Email, Name, Password field for registration and map them here in the configuration. Another option is if can allow your users to select Joomla! usergroups. If you want to do so, then set the option "Usergroup Selection" to "YES" and select the usergorups, which will be allowed to select from front-end at the time of registration only. There is another setting to enable multiple usergroup selection.


  2. If you are not using Joom Profile for registration purpose, then you can set all the Option to NO and left empty. In this way you can use it as for asking for field values from users.

    Profie View

5. Menu

This is the final step. You need to create menu. In the Menu Manager you will an option to create menu for Profile view for Joom Profile. You can create menu link for Registration and Profile view, according to your convenience.

6. Users screen

Other than profile owner , only Admin user (who can login to admin panel of your site) can view and update the profile. Below are the screen shots of it.

Grid screen of users

Edit screen of user

Still have any query ? Post your queries at Joom Profile Support Forum

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