What is Template Assigner?

As the name says Template Assigner, it assigns the template. It is a free open source plugin for Joomla! which assigns Joomla! Template Style to Joomla! User group. For example you are running a Job Search website with multiple type of users. Some of them are Employee and others are Employer. Your requirement says that Employee type of user must have a template style A and Employer must have template style B. You can fulfill this scenario by using Template Assigner. There may be several cases of this type of requirement.


How to use Template Assigner?

It is very easy to use this plugin. But still we have listed all the steps with screenshots. Just follow the steps below and you are done with it.
  1. Download the plugin from Page. You are required to be logged in while downloading the plugin. If you are not registered with us then you can sign up from this.
    Download Page
  2. Install the downloaded plugin in your Joomla! setup.
  3. Go to plugin manager and search for the plugin "Template Assigner". Its a system plugin. Now edit that plugin for enabling it and setting up the template to Joomla! user group.
  4. Under basic options tab, all the user groups are listed with a select box of all template style available. Yo can set a template style for each Joomla! user group. If you do not select any template style, then default template will be shown as per Joomla! settings. Template Assigner will not interrupt in this case.
    Parameters Configuration
  5. Check the template style by logging in with user of different user groups.



Till now we have talked about what and how it works. Lets talk about limitations of this plugin.
  1. It wont work as expected, when user has multiple user groups.

Still have any query ? Post your queries at Template Assigner Support Forum