What is Usergroup Selector?

Usergroup Selector is an Open Source plugin for Joomla!, which allowed user(s) to select usergroup their own, at the time of registration. Off-course admin user can chose the usergroups from admin panel and these usergropus will be visible in registration form. By default option to select usergroup, will be displayed in registration form.


How to use Usergroup Selector?

It is very easy to use this plugin. But still we have listed all the steps with screenshots. Just follow the steps below and you are done with it.
  1. Download the plugin from Page. You are required to be logged in while downloading the plugin. If you are not registered with us then you can sign up from this.
  2. Install the downloaded plugin in your Joomla! setup.
  3. Go to plugin manager and search for the plugin "Usergroup Selector". Its a system plugin. Now edit that plugin for enabling it and setting up the allowed Joomla! user groups from front-end.
  4. Under basic options tab, a select list of all available usergroups is shown. You need to select those user groups which should be allowed for user registration. New user can select any one usergroup at the time or registration. And that usergroup will be assigned to that user. Parameters Configuration
  5. Label and description of usergropup field in front-end registration form, will be displayed according to values entered in Label and description field here. You also have the option to make this field required at the front end registration. One more option is there to select the default usergroup, which should be selected at front end.
  6. Now go to Create Account Page, an option for selection usergroup will be visible. Parameters Configuration

Still have any query ? Post your queries at Usergroup Selector Support Forum

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