Delete My Account [ 20391 times ]

Delete My Account is a Open Source Joomla! plugin, which can give an option to your site members, through which they can delete their account. Obviously, there is an option for admin that user' account should be delete of blocked, once user deletes his/her account. If user deletes his/her account, then an email will be sent to all the Admin users that "An user has deleted his account". What you have to do is,

  1. Install this plugin and enable.
  2. Show any link or button which has the class "f90-delete-my-account". It can be your menu link, link in module or any other way to display a link.
     <a href="#" class="f90-delete-my-account">Delete my account</a>

But make sure the link is visible to only registered users and do not try this for admin users.

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