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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #1 by Oliver Johnson
Hi, I'm very interested in the Joom Profile extension but the online documentation doesn't answer some of the questions I have.

My site uses K2 and Kuenena. At the moment when someone registers on the main site they automatically get an account in Kunena, however if they want an avatar in Kunena, they have to edit their profile in the forum to add it. I also don't use the default account registration form as my website is for a sports club and we only allow club members to register on the website. Therefore I have a custom form (created in the RSForm Pro component) that also allows me to have a field with a passphrase. If the user doesn't enter the correct passphrase, they cannot register.

So my questions are:

1. If I were to use Joom Profile to handle the account registration, and therefore replace my RSForm Pro form, can I add a passphrase field to it in order to restrict who can register or not?

2. If the answer is no, or if I were to prefer keeping my RSForm Pro registration form, If someone were to register an account using my RSForm and then edit their profile using Joom Profile, would the avatar they upload also appear in their Kunena profile?

3. I'm looking to use Joom Profile in a slightly unconventional way. We are an archery club and I would like to create custom fields so that club members can record things like their personal best scores, their equipment set-up, rankings etc etc. Now much of this is just a case of creating a custom field for each thing but when it comes to personal bests it's a bit more complicated. You achieve a score in archery by shooting a round. A round is a set number of arrows at a defined distance but there are dozens of different rounds that someone can shoot. If I were to create a field for every round the list would be massive and nobody will have shot all the rounds that are possible. What I would like is for people to be able to add a new row themselves, so when they edit their profile they go to the personal best fieldset and can add a new row where they can name the round they shot and in the field next to it, their personal best score. Is that possible? Alternatively is it possible to set a field (and it's label) to not be visible in the front end if the field is empty?

4. Some of the information in peoples profile they may not want shared publicly like their e-mail address, is it possible to hide these from other members and public view?

5. Can members upload other photos into their profile other than for their avatar i.e. can other fields or fieldgroups have images attached?
4 years 2 months ago #2 by Function90
Hello Oliver,

Thanks for showing interest in our extension.

#1 : Currently there is no such field. But we have support of regex in text type field, there you can enter a regular expression and make it required. So user have to fill correct values before registration. But values are not dynamic, they all will be predefined.

#2 : You can use any extension for registration, but the custom fields values store by that extension will not be saved in joomprofile. To show avatar of user from joom profile to kunena, probably you need to override templates of kunena or I need to check if there is any other way integrate it.

#3 : In JoomProfile user can not add fields himself. We have to do it for you if you want (as a paid custom service). Currently we display it but you can override the template and can achieve it.

#4 : Only Admin user can set which fields will be visible to other user. Currently user himself can not set the privacy of fields of his own profile.

#5 : Currently user can upload only one image in a field, for multiple image, you need to create multiple. But I guess you don't want it.

Please let me know if you have any other query.

Thank you
Team Function90
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