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3 years 2 months ago #1 by Danny Poole
Can you please confirm I will be able to do the following with 'Assign UserGroup Timely'.

1. a user registers to the site, added to a usergroup I've made up called 'course 1' upon registration and buy another component.
2. after 2 months/60days 'Assign UserGroup Timely' will move that user to another usergroup like 'Registered' (if this is the way I have configured it).
3. another user registers 2 days later and is registered to 'course 1' then 60days from when that user registers they will be moved to the 'Registered' group but two days behind the 1st user. So it works on a per user basis?

But I will have to run a daily cron & make sure the user is not assigned to multiple groups?

one last question, can I setup multiple automations, e.g. 'course 1' goes to 'Registered' after 60 days, 'course 2' goes to 'Registered' after 60 days etc.
3 years 2 months ago #2 by Function90
Hello Danny,

Thanks for contacting us.

#1: Yes, it will.
#2 : Exactly.
#3 : Yes.
#4 : Yes, Cron should run properly. You can decide the frequency and setup cron on your server ot let the default automatic cron run. User can have multiple usergroup, but there should not be multiple usergroup configuration in user user can exist.
#5 : Yes, that will work. Just make sure, any user does not have Course 1 and Course 2 at the same time.

Please let me know if you have any other query.

Thank you
Team Function90
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