Only one instance of the selector on an entire Joomla site possible, even with several login/register pages on the site?

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #1 by Lex
Hi, folks. We want to set up separate customer corners in a Joomla site, for 5 international clients.
Each corner will be accessible by employees of its own client only, although employees may reside in several countries where that client is active (branches of the company).
In each corner we present some goods with their prices and their shipping costs indications.
The goods may be general (to be seen by employees of several clients), or specific (to be seen by only one client’s employees).
There are several shipping ways per corner and shipping costs vary per shipping way.
For instance a shipping from China for customer corner 1 may be less expensive as a shipping from Cincinnati, but when the visiting employee works in the US it might be best for him/her to choose Cincinnati anyway.

So we want that each employee of each corner’s client must register and the same time indicate his own preferred shipping way. As soon as he’s able to login and will be surfing the catalogue of his corner’s products, then all shipping prices will be shown only for his preferred shipping way. That’s what we want the Usergroup Selector to use for. Great solution, thank you Function90.

We want only one Joomla site, with the 5 corners in it. By way of the user groups and Joomla’s rights system and a content construction kit, we will steer each client’s employee towards his ‘allowed’ content. So far so good.

But, important: we don’t want a client to see that other clients also have a corner; they may only know the existence of their own corner…
So we thought about making 5 secret login/register pages, one for each corner’s client’s employees.
On each of the login/register pages a separate login/register form, to register for that corner’s content.

Here's a problem: it doesn't seem to be possible to install more than one instance of the Usergroup Selector…
There seems to be no way of making multiple selectors and assigning each instance to one dedicated login form… (mind you, we need only one selector per login/register form, of course).
Because we want a transparant way to administer all the user groups and their users we will have (easily dozens of groups per client), we will have to name all user groups with the shipping way together with the name of the client in it. Otherwise we don't have a clear user group overview in the Joomla site's backend. But as there is only one instance of the Usergroup Selector, for all 5 corners, all groups will allways be shown in the Selector’s dropdown, also the groups of the other corners… a long list for the employees to choose from… and thus the names of the other clients will also be visible to a client’s employees…

Now, as each login/register form module in Joomla has its own ID, and as the Usergroup Selector also has one, wouldn’t it be possible to adapt the extension as such, that one may build several selectors with it, together with a coupling facility for each selector to it’s own login/register form?
That way we could show only the User groups of their specific corner to each client's employees and no names of the other clients will be visible.

Looking forward to your answer/solution/suggestions,
Thanks in advance,

4 years 11 months ago #2 by Function90
Hello Lex,

It seems that your scenario can not be fulfilled by this plugin.
A new plugin need to be developed, which will allow you to select he menus for each type of registration page and usergroup respectively.
And then that plugin can work according to current menu and add user to that usergorup.

But for this a new plugin need to be developed. If you are interested in custom paid development then you can send email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you
Team Function90
You can share your views regarding our extension at JED ( )

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4 years 11 months ago #3 by Lex
Thank you for your answer. I'll contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for some price indication of this.
I'll talk my client about it then..

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